coping with loss and grief

Loss is inevitable. Sooner or later we'll all experience illness or death - of someone close to us or ourselves. Breakdowns in personal relationships, financial or career setbacks and other losses can present significant challenges.

How can we accept and perhaps make sense of these events? How will we move through grief, sadness, anger - any one of a number of normal and appropriate emotions brought on by loss? How will we pick ourselves up and go on?

We'll work together to come to grips with loss. We'll make a place for the feelings that inevitably come with loss, and ultimately find a way forward.

Significant loss can remind us of difficult experiences from our past (including other losses), and can bring up unresolved feelings related to those past experiences.

When appropriate, we can address issues that may be related to loss - anxiety, depression, significant change that be a result of loss, or questions of meaning.

If you'd like to talk about the loss that you are facing or experiencing, contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.